Friday, March 12, 2010

No. 29

Love cannot be tested. Love can only grow in our perspective and knowledge. Love's growth is an illusion, since Love encompasses All. What we are testing is our selves. When we try to test Love, we are merely expanding our vision, expanding the belief in all our senses, honoring our desires, and trusting the constant pull we feel toward who we truly are.

As singers, when we follow the call of our voices, we are not bargaining with God. We are not saying "Okay God, if You gave me a voice, then let me see You allow me to live from it." No. We are saying "God, You gave me a voice. Thank You for giving me the honor of watching it grow, of learning to care for it, and learning to love a part of me I cannot see. Thank you for the chance to learn in this lifetime what it means to express all that I am in song, and in doing so, perhaps to get a glimpse of what it might be like to be an agent of Your creation."

When we honor our voices in this way, so completely, we cannot help but mold a space for them, for us, in God's great painting. This is only possible if we continually test ourselves, and realize that God is waiting patiently for us to sing in all our glory. In fact, all through our striving and our questioning, She sees us as the culmination of all our growth. To Her, the unfinished painting is complete...and when She sees it, Love is smiling.

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