Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dialogues Part 5

Me: Voice?
Voice: Yes?
Me: Hi
Voice: Hi
Me: Hmm
Voice: What is it?
Me: I just was...missing you.
Voice: And?
Me: Is that strange?
Voice: Not so, no.
Me: What does it mean?
Voice: Just that you need to work on trust.
Me: Trust? How so?
Voice: Well, I am you, you are me.
Me: Right. I learned that last time we talked.
Voice: That means that there are sort of three of us.
Me: Okay now you've lost me
Voice: Let me'll get it.
Me: Ok...
Voice: See, you are still living in that place where there's "ME" and "YOU".
Me: Right...well, there IS Me and there IS you. I see that very clearly.
Voice: What you are missing, when you miss me, is not necessarily ME.
Me: Of course I miss You!
Voice: No, sweet thing, you miss "WE". You miss "US", together.
Me: okaaaaay...
Voice: It might sound strange
Me: It does!
Voice: But it's quite simple you know
Me: How so?
Voice: You see when you are missing me you are missing you...
Me: Right.
Voice: So why can't you trust that who I am is always with you?
Me: I'm not sure. Maybe because I can't hear you.
Voice: Can you hear me now?
Me: Yes. No. Well, kind of...!
Voice: You don't have to "hear" me to know I'm there. That's trust.
Me: Yes, okay...
Voice: Does that make you feel better?
Me: Well, it does take away the feeling of loneliness.
Voice: There is never any reason to feel lonely. I am always here, and always will be.
Me: Wow.
Voice: Hmm?
Me: It just...feels great
Voice: I know.
Me: But why??
Voice: You know...
Me: Do I?
Voice: Yes, of course.
Me: Hmmm
Voice: What else could feel this good?
Me: Oh! Nothing but Love.
Voice: You've got it.
Me: Heh. I'm learning
Voice: Yes you are.
Me: Okay gotta sleep. You gonna hang around?
Voice: Sure will. I'll see you in your dreams
Me: Hey Voice?
Voice: Hm?
Me: Thanks for everything.
Voice: You're welcome. Now sleep.
Me: K
Voice: Love?
Me: Love.
Voice: Night.
Me: night...

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