Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Transformation, Belief and Trust Part 3: 'The Irresistible Nature of Truth'

...such is the irresistible nature of truth: that all it asks, that all it wants,

is the liberty of appearing.”

--Thomas Payne

The truth is something that gets me thinking. It gets me worrying, wondering, sometimes makes me break out in a sweat. The truth gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me up late at night. The truth is a powerful thing. So powerful that it will take you, sweep you from slumber and rip you away into awesome journeys of its own choosing to which you never would have chosen to buy a ticket. Sorry, the truth has planned this itinerary and you don’t have any say in it. So there! At least, that’s how it sometimes seems…

The ‘still small voice’ can sometimes be a roar…a get off your scaredy cat ass and follow me sort of voice hidden in a song that just…won’t…go…away. It can be a physical voice, a sort of nagging insistence, a vibration that moves up and down the body like Star Trek’s scanners, checking you out for any sort of resistance and laughing at your futility. The truth is as überpowerful as the Borg and yet not evil because it already owns everything and everyone anyway. ‘Resistance is futile’ only because we are too blind to see that we are enveloped and engulfed, swallowed by love and all of its consequences every moment of every day.

The truth exists in music with the same sense of humor that plays with love and death in our daily existence. Ask a note to stay and it will fade away. Shy away from too much intensity and the next phrase will soar to higher peaks. Think that you’ve experienced the greatest heights of authenticity and the next piece will leave you in awesome prayer to the God that made life so beautiful. We cannot hold any of it. The truth holds us, cradles us in its strong, artist arms and comforts us in out efforts to understand…”How could it all be so beautiful…?”…