Sunday, March 7, 2010

No. 26

How can the singer love her voice? What is the spa treatment, retreat, and high-class lifestyle that the voice needs to feel loved and appreciated? It is the Classical School of Singing. Why the Classical School? Because for hundreds of years the true teachers of the discipline of singing have been dedicated to allowing the beauty of the human voice to exist in all its glory. There may be slight differences in approach from each Master Teacher, just as there are slight differences in treatments at island resorts. Despite the differences, the goal is the same: allow all to fall away but the true essence of the human. Allow all to fall away but the true essence of the voice.

Every Master Teacher and Master Singer knows his path to beauty by heart. The most passionate of these can share and compare each step of the journey with another and rejoice in the similarities and differences of their experience. Beauty, ease, and joy are unmistakeable. When these things are experienced in singing, the path of struggle to achieve them disappears, and only Love remains. This is why the Classical School has lasted so long, and it is also why we must insure the Classical School of Singing's survival, not only to preserve humanity's collective path to beautiful singing, but to remember why, indeed, we sing.

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