Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dialogues Part 3

Voice: So, what'd you learn today?
Me: That you're not what you seem you are
Voice: Oh, really?
Me: Yeah
Voice: How so?
Me: Well, you're MORE than you seem to be
Voice: ah, yes, well you don't have to tell me that
Me: Well, you asked!
Voice: Okay that's fair. In what way am I more than I seem to be?
Me: You're like a call from eternity.
Voice: Whooooaaaaa...I didn't think you'd go that far out on me. But you're getting close.
Me: Getting close? It feels like I hit the nail pretty close to the head
Voice: Try again.
Me:'s like, when I listen to you, my whole life is clear. Like I have meaning, and then when I sing and just let you's like I'm back to being a child without a care in the world
Voice: Hmm sounds nice. But I don't give you meaning you know.
Me: What's this feeling I have then?
Voice: It's just your feeling of connectedness to the place from which I come when I am 100% true
Me: ehhhh...
Voice: Remember our last conversation?
Me: Sure. LOVE.
Voice: That's right. Are you connecting the dots?
Me: I feel a connectedness to love when I sing.
Voice: Yes. Because you've learned to leave me alone, to let me be me.
Me: I guess I have!
Voice: That's pretty darn cool.
Me: Yeah!
Voice: Now, if you'd do that with the rest of your life you'd be in heaven all the time!
Me: Hey, I'm workin' on it!!
Voice: I know you are! I'm here all the time after all.
Me: mean love is here all the time?
Voice: Sure! You just need to see it.
Me: Okay, got ya. See love.
Voice: And feel it.
Me: Feel it.
Voice: And be it.
Voice: Well done!
Me: What do you mean?
Voice: You're thinking about these things. Which means you're really close to getting them.
Me: Really?
Voice: Yeah.
Me: That's AWESOME.
Voice: Okay so get back to work.
Me: But I...
Voice: You know what you need to do.
Me: Yeah I do. Thanks to you.
Voice: Thanks for seeing more of me.
Me: You're welcome. You're not too hard on the eyes.
Voice: Ha Ha. Get outa here!
Me: Okay ya.
Voice: Love you too. Now, go! I'll see you soon.

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