Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Being One's Own Master

Inexplicably alone
the Artist stands
with open hands
on the precipice 
of a new beginning:

the start of an And

not an Or or a But
or a Because...or a Tear

...or a Fear.

She sees her And
as a way to stand
on the solid air
that waits for her there


hopes and dreams seen

to hopes and dreams believed.


Perhaps that's fair.

And rare.

To be happy together and apart.

This Artist 
is getting

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expressions of Love, My First Solo Album: Coming out June 1!

Dear Friends,

My first solo CD will come out June 1!  

With Timothy Heavner at the piano and a great sound crew, the recording was a super success.

For those who have pre-ordered, the mailing will go out as soon as the CDs are back from the press.  If you would like to order copies please email me at rebeccafromherz@yahoo.com

Thanks and Enjoy,