Monday, August 30, 2010

No. 102

It is Love that saves the singer. It is Love that makes her invincible, Love which bolsters her, which makes her believe in her survival and thriving. It is only, and ultimately, Love.

Friday, August 27, 2010

No. 101

How can a Voice be an "It"? I tell you, It Is. As truly as I Am.

No. 100

What is "Our Voice"? What is "Our Horse"? How can Spirit be so defined? What constitutes ownership of a piece of heaven?

Face to face with a Voice, any Voice, including our own, we may accept responsibility for loving, making safe, cherishing, and healing this Voice. When we embrace this responsibility we are Voice Whisperers who coax the shining truth of vocal beauty from a place that is sometimes far from truth. Ideally we are observers of Spirit in Song: a Voice which is free and beautiful, and which rejoices at being allowed to be, complete and true.

Face to face with a Horse, any Horse, not only our own, we are responsible for that Horse's happiness, security, joy, and well-being for the moments we are with it. We are Horse Whisperers who coax true ecstatic Beingness of Spirit from a place which is sometimes dark with the ignorance of humanity forcing beauty instead of allowing it. Ideally we are observers of Spirit in Fluid Movement: a Horse which is proud, aware, unafraid, and ecstatic for being alive.

Ownership is not having, it is allowing. We own no Horse if she does not want to be with us; we own no Voice if we do not muster the joy and all she needs to sing.

A Horse and a Voice call us to Heaven just by being who they are. Thank God.

No. 99

Singers and riders have this in common: we have an Entity with which me may move, work, and play. Some call this Entity Spirit; some call it The Wind. I call it the very Essence of Who We Are. Indeed to live like a great rider or a great singer, is to understand life, at least while we are in this heavenly communion with our Horse or with our Voice, to the furthest extent we may understand Life in these bodies, on this Earth.

No. 98

It is awesome to watch your horse teach you how to ride, just as it is awesome to watch your voice teach you how to sing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

No. 97

All great performers of music have practiced the art of feeling the ecstasy of who they are to the extent that they want to feel it, no matter who is watching or not.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No. 96

When the singer gets to the point where the Voice, or the It, is as sacred to them as any other living being, suddenly there is clarity. There is accountability, reason, and focus, awe and wonder, and the spontaneous realization of true, unconditional Love.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No. 95

The blossom of my heart
unfurls like life's layers
peeling back
to truth

from striving to define
leav(e)ing me
bleeding, reaching
for (stay/men)
and petals
which, soft,
exquisite, seem to
protect from sun
too bright
for seeds
in germination

remain unfurled!
this beauty
cannot be con/tested
in a world where truth
has been tasted
in misty rains
from heaven's mountaintops,
fed with the bodies
of a thousand ancestral trees.

you are Love Herself
and I Am
the opposite
of ashamed.