Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dialogues Part 2

Voice: Rebecca
Me: Hmm?
Voice: Will you keep me safe now?
Me: Huh? What do you mean??? I've always kept you safe!! I've lived my life for you!! I've looked and looked for ways to understand who and what you are! I've taken you fantastic places, made sure you were seen and heard and understood...! How ungrateful!!! Don't you trust me?
Voice: I love you
Me: Well...I...
Voice: Do you love me?
Me: I...I...yes. Yes, I love you.
Voice: Good. So I'm safe now?
Me: Look, I said...!
Voice: You have to know it, all the time, or I won't be safe. I know you!
Me: How DARE you say...oh...I see what you DO know me. HA!
Me: ooookaaay. I get it now. I really do understand.
Voice: You understand what?
Me: Love
Voice: What about it?
Me: What it means.
Voice: Well, spit it out, let me hear it! I'm not psychic, you know!
Me: It's loving you all the time, no matter what.
Voice: Oh, really?
Me: Yes, really.
Voice: So, that means you also love the past me?
Me: Sure.
Voice: Are you sure??? How about all those recordings you're never happy with? How about when you leave the room and feel ashamed and don't like to hear me?
Me: Hey I don't do that any more!
Voice: But you USED to!
Me: That's cuz I didn't know...
Voice: Didn't know what?
Me: What it means to love you...
Voice: No kidding!
Me: Look, I'm sorry.
Voice: You should be. That was the hardest time of my life.
Me: I know...
Voice: All I wanted to do was sing.
Me: I know!
Voice: And I couldn't please anyone, not even you!
Me: I know...I AM sorry...
Voice: Well...we have lots of help now, huh?
Me: What do you mean?
Voice: In learning how to love each other.
Me: What do you mean?? You've always loved me. I'm the one who's failed YOU. You've done everything right.
Voice: WHOA! Stop the boat! World record!! Omigoodness did I REALLY just hear what you said??
Me: yyyyyYYYYYESSSSSS. you did. You've always done everything right. You were always here for me, no matter what I did.
Voice: Well, you were here for me, too. I was watching you floundering around, going through all you went through to find me. It wasn't easy.
Voice: Hon, think back to...
Me: Oh, okay, alright! Maybe I floundered every once in a while...but it was for YOUR SAKE.
Voice: Exactly. That's why I know you've always loved me, even though you didn't know it.
Voice: Because you needed to see it.
Me: Okay okay I get it.
Voice: So, we can go play now?
Me: Yeah, sure. How are you feeling?
Voice: Well, silly, would I be asking to go play if I didn't feel like playing?
Me: No...! If anything you've always told me what you want!
Voice: So, good talk, huh?
Me: Yeah, good talk.
Voice: love?
Me: love.
Voice: okay I'm gonna be quiet now.
Me: You're NEVER quiet!
Voice: No, really...see you at the piano!
Me: Alright...later then...

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