Thursday, January 26, 2012

No. 174: Compelling Questions and the Space Between

The student of singing may ask

Whom do I think I am?  

as well as

Whom does what I am think that I am?

The space between these two questions

houses The Singer's Search for Meaning.

After s/he realizes the second,

there is no more Search:

just a Flight Path from the Heart

where to be found again and again

in each moment fresh, and new, and true,

is just another adventure, 

and a Surrender 

to the Beauty of it All.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

No. 173: The Diva Warrior's Tears...

At night,
when She has laid aside her armor of Faith
and her sword of Truth,
the Diva Warrior cries.

She cries tears of power
which heal the world
from the inside out:
a storm of clearing,
heaving sobs which Voice
the desires of every Being
ever proclaimed

She looks that Great Lie
square in the eye,
the innocent one that, sly,

"It's not okay to be us today"

the one that takes Our Voice away,

and She cries


When S/he does,
though most vulnerable and unarmed, 
She knows She is most powerful.

For the forest goes silent, 
the night animals still in mid-step,
to acknowledge the Spirit heard
which is their own.

And when She sleeps, exhausted,
She thanks What Made Her
that, in crying for all the world,
She lives the deepest, strongest song of All. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

No. 172: The Diva Warrior Plays...

The Diva Warrior plays only One Game:

It is where the rules 
Are whispered in the rustle of leaves,
By the crackle of fir needles under feet,
And cheered on 
By animal eyes who see her as she really is.

As she plays she asks:

"Am I doing it like you?"

And with the snuffle of a hot whiskered nose on her cheek
Comes a gentle answer


That grants her strength from the Earth Itself
To open her mouth
And allow Voice which,
Governed by Nature On(e)ly

Humors her to think she is playing It,

Great Mother as She is,

when It
is really playing her.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

No. 171: The Diva Warrior Knows...

...The Diva Warrior knows 
that the winds of passion 
carry crazy Whims. 

When she is open to being One of Them,
Voice becomes like laughter uncontrollable,
and s/he wonders
how This 
could have ever been 

She cries, 
a child of Divinity 
being tickled by the fingers of a God Beyond Definition.

She gasps,
in recognition of a Lover Who,
All-powerful, holds her ever in Its loving embrace.

She sighs,
when the laughter subsides, 
and all that is left is the timeless Grace
of what it means to be alive:

Never alone
Always with God
Peace in Storms
Laughter in Tears
and Love,
and Love,
and Love.


p.s. thank you Emmitt!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No. 170: The Diva Warrior Understands...

The Diva Warrior understands there may always be voices which want to tell her who and how to be.  Little do they know she is governed by a Love that is beyond all definition.  She brings these thought-messengers close to her heart, and charts a course to the center of Being--curious, and hopeful, to see if they will accompany her to the place where all is real. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

No. 169: The Diva Warrior Knows...

The Diva Warrior knows
that when she stands up for the weak
when she honors each experience,
hers and others' deeply,
when she gives and receives
with a feeling heart rooted in Love
which has no end,
she is singing.

She is singing the freedom of every heart,
and the joy of every being.

With a roar she cries Love's invincibility,
while at her core she cries tears over Life's exquisite beauty.

The Diva Warrior is a symphony in herself,
following a dance as complex as any known
of inspiration, guidance, mysterious and divine.

She is Earth's instrument of healing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

No. 168: The Diva Warrior

On this New Years Day 2012, I make the following commitment through Opera Organically:

That we give Voice to a new idea, and recognition to an old truth: the Diva as Warrior

When singing becomes much more than singing...when it becomes about the cultivation of True Voice, which is one and the same with True Love, Awareness, and Life, It grows a strange and beautiful breed of Beings. 

Independent of sex, religion, or any other defining force, we forge a trail through life with a common goal in mind: finding, cherishing, and celebrating the core of what it means to be Us.

We fight with the greatest weapons of time: love, compassion, faith, belief, and trust. 

For what do we fight?  For the right to be all that we are, to the very edge of inspiration and back.  We fight with swords of Truth to make room for Spirit which grants us Voice.  We fight with words that slash the darkness of unbelief to leave only the brilliant colors of deep expression.  We fight for space, for room to breathe, to laugh, to love, to sing.

So let it be, that we, Diva Warriors, spread throughout the world, unmindful of what it thinks, only mindful of what it is asking us to sing...and so it will be done.

Happy New Year,

Opera Organically