Thursday, November 24, 2011

No. 166: Giving Thanks

Learning to sing is not just learning to sing.  Yes, we learn the physical movements, the anatomy and physiology of singing.  We can learn the acoustics, we can learn the languages, literal and figurative, of music.  We can learn about ourselves and what our place is in the world of Art.  But what are we really doing when we learn to sing, when we learn to truly, organically sing?  We are learning to be conduits of Truth.  Our mission as singers goes so much deeper than finding the next job or selling the next recording.  Singing calls us to find the essence of what it means to be Us.  We are learning to sing like we never needed to learn it.  We are learning to sing like we breathe: We are learning to be sung.

For the Source of all our singing, for the deepest inspiration behind, around, beneath, within all our aspirations, I give thanks on this day.  And I give thanks for a growing community of awareness which cannot help but to proclaim their own version of Truth, through song!