Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No. 363: It's like Heaven

For a True Singer

One Who has to Sing
To Understand Life

Finding Complete Voice
Feels Like Stepping in
To Heaven.
There Is Nothing Like It
This Heavenly Realm

Where Most Things
Can Only Be Sung
With ALL of Us.

We Speak a Language
Of Cultured Beasts
Learning Ancient Translations
Of the Singer's Book of Life
Striving to Give Civilized Birth
To a Power Strong Enough
To Consume Us.

Heaven Is Walking the Singer's Path
And Arriving Home
In One Piece.

This is LIFE. This is Love. This is From the Heart Singing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No. 362: I. Am Not. A Singer.

Am not
A Singer.

In as much
As my being
"A Singer"
Takes away
The inherent
Of Y/Our
Of Voice.

So then

What Am I

If Not

A Singer?

I Am a Teller of Stories
A Feeler of Feelings
A Believer of Thoughts
A Transcender of Conditionings

I Am
A Holder of Hands
A Mover of Feet
A HeartBeat
A Breath
A Life
A Death.

I Am All These Things
Just As Are You.

And When You Hear Y/OurSelf Singing
In the Midst of This Universal Being...

MayBe Then
We Can Hear
The Truth of Our Unity:

There Cannot Be One
Without The Other

I Cannot
Will Not

Without Knowing
To the Core of US
The Be-YOUty


THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is From the Heart Singing.

Monday, August 10, 2015

No. 361: If You're MAD

If you're MAD
On this Path of Voice



Anger, stress, craziness, sadness: these are all Signposts
That Voice is nigh.

And if It makes You

To think of celebrating your madness


And sadder
More hopeless
And stressed

Till One Day You Look at You
And see only the vibration
Of what's left
After You've Voiced
You thought
Was keeping You silent...


Again...and again...
And again.

THIS is Life. THIS is Love.  THIS is From the Heart Singing.