Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

The goal is to cultivate in our hearts the concern a dedicated mother feels for her child, and then focus it on more and more people and living beings. This is a heartfelt, powerful love. Such feelings give us a true understanding of human rights, that is not grounded just in legal terms, but rooted deeply in the heart. 
~Dalai Lama

No. 154

When learning to sing is about a Heart worthy of protecting at every cost~about a Passion tangible and truly alive~no one will be afraid to sing, indeed all will be able!  For Honor will rule the space between us, and all singers, all humans, all of Life Itself, will dance in the Truth which heals worlds, inward and out.  This is a collective experience, a collaborative creation.  It starts the day we are born as individuals, with our first angry cry at the world which took away the comfort of our mother's womb... and it ends when we see that music, this ethereal love, can become another sort of collective Womb...for the birthing of Voices takes the hand of a Goddess in the shape of Knowledge, Love, and Truth.  And if we are willing, this exquisite birthing can be ours, also...and we can meet each other there, after the Light comes into view...there, where we no longer have to ask ourselves "Why" we are doing this.  We simply listen, and witness, and bow at what we see of ourselves in one another.  This is singing which, ecstatic, changes the world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quote of the Day: "The Beginning"

The Beginning
"In traditional mystical teachings, enlightenment means it's all over. You have reached the end of becoming. But in an evolutionary teaching, enlightenment is where it all begins. Everything begins when you become enlightened. That's when you become available—free from narcissism and self-concern and available for the noble endeavor of creating the future. That's when a new life opens up before you. That's when the work of evolutionary becoming starts. So you want to get to that point quickly, because there is so much you want to do once you get there. There is so much you want to take responsibility for. There is so much you want to create."
~ Andrew Cohen

Friday, August 12, 2011

No. 153: Proving Love Right

Opera Organically is not about proving the people wrong who tell us we cannot sing.  It is about proving Love, Life, and Light right. Opera Organically is about claiming the truth that the Voice points us toward: Its own translation of Life inside us as real as breath Itself.  

Opera Organically leaves naysayers behind, not by pushing back, but by embracing with a Love, with a Voice, that cannot be denied. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Days of Opera Organically Day 6 Part 2: Pull those weeds!



Opera Organically Day 6 Part 1: Pull those weeds!

Dear Opera Organically Friends,

In the spirit of keeping things organic, O.O. took a little break last week from "30 Days"...but not before we taped a session called "Pull those weeds!" with the marvelous Becky and Tom Green!



No. 152: Speak to me...

Speak to me 
of what It is to know 
what It is to breathe
the breath of Love 
through every pore 
as the truth of Life
flows through You 
in tides of Light--
and Your eyes, 
rimmed in stardust,
reflect the wisdom
of Nature.

Speak to me 
of the simplicity
of all things complex
where lifetimes are journeyed 
toward understanding
Who We Are
while all the while
You hold the answer,
nestled in Your every cell.

Speak to me of freedom
which comes with the authority
granted to You
by God Herself:
a position crowned in glory
by the flow of crimson blood
coursing through Your veins...
Your secret is plain to see
But, tragically,
only to those Who
witness: You bleed.

What if You are inside of Me...?

Then cut the chains,
and let Me fly
on the wings of glory
which take the giant sky
where hearts are healed,
immortality is sealed,
and Mother Earth reveals
all we need forever
in Eternity.