Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dialogues Part 4

Me: Hey!
Voice: Hmm?
Me: I have a question.
Voice: Alright.
Me: Can I ask it?
Voice: Of course you can! There are no rules as to what you can ask me and what you can't.
Me: Oh I thought there might be some things you couldn't answer.
Voice: Try me.
Me: Well okay then. It's serious.
Voice: Do not be afraid.
Me: I'm not afraid.
Voice: Then why don't you just ask?
Me: Well, because I don't know what your answer might mean, for me.
Voice: I love you. You love me. How could anything really matter more than that?
Me: You mean...
Voice: hmm?
Me: mean Love will always be there, no matter what?
Voice: Yes
Me: Between us?
Voice: Yes
Me: ok
Voice: Do you believe that?
Me:'s only that, if I believe you love me, then I have to believe that I love you, too, for eternity.
Voice: Mmmhmm.
Me: Isn't that kind of like...commitment???
Voice: Yes.
Me: Wow I never thought I'd be asked to commit myself to you.
Voice: But you already have...all that you've done, all that you are, you've dedicated to me. If that's not commitment, I don't know what is.
Me: I see...
Voice: Sort of makes you think, doesn't it?
Me: Why is it then that I am just seeing this love now?
Voice: Well, it took you a while to figure out who I am.
Me: And you are?
Voice: You.
Me: Oh...
Voice: And more. I'm the bigger you, the higher you, the you you are getting to know. That's who I am.
Me: Wow.
Voice: Don't seem so surprised. You knew this was coming.
Me: What? Love?
Voice: Yes, you knew...or you would not have gone through all the searching and struggle and asked all those questions.
Me: I still have a lot of questions.
Voice: I know. That's why I'm here.
Me: You know what?
Voice: What?
Me: I love you.
Voice: You know I like to hear that...and I know already.
Me: Wish we could hug
Voice: Go hug a friend
Me: Huh?
Voice: Go hug a friend. It's like hugging me.
Me: Ha. I think I know what you mean. You're awesome.
Voice: You're not so bad yourself.
Me: I still have that question.
Voice: I know.
Me: But I think you kind of answered it.
Voice: I know.
Me: Wow it's so not surprising and at the same time surprising to talk with you like this.
Voice: I know.
Me: Well hey, if you know, then I know, right?
Voice: Now she's talkin'!
Me: So...thanks
Voice: You're welcome. And thanks.
Me: For what?
Voice: Being you.
Me: You're welcome.
Voice: do our thing now
Me: k I will
Voice: later
Me: later

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  1. This one's dedicated to Anita König, my special friend in Vienna, who encouraged me to keep writing these dialogues through a compliment that went straight to my heart and told me what I really needed to hear. Thank you Anita.