Friday, September 28, 2012

No. 201: This Amazing Moment

...I feel as if I must be the luckiest Woman in the world!  
My heart is bursting with life, with passion and possibility that is OURS...
part and parcel of being imPerfectly Human, 
beautifully insignificant and infinitely power-full, all at once!  
Thank the Universe for Voice, 
which opens hearts and minds, souls and eyes to the depths of what it means to be US.  
Allowing this exquisite Experience of Love into our lives is so rewarding, I am speechless...
..........who will come hang in bliss with me, 
at the precipice of the Future, 
in this amazing Moment?

THIS is Opera Organically.
THIS is Life.
THIS is Love.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

No. 200: A Guidepost Most Clear-- a Dedication

Singing is Bliss.  Bliss is Singing.  

When we have the courage and the hope to acknowledge this, something very beautiful happens: 
A Journey
Where we do not stop until we realize the very Truth of Bliss in our Voices.

The special, secret thing about singing
is that ONLY THE SINGER KNOWS if they are experiencing Bliss.

Oh, yes, Bliss can be pretended,
But True Bliss cannot comprehend an empty lie.

Bliss is A Guidepost Most Clear
because without IT we are always searching, always searching.

Only a Teacher Who points us back toward Ourselves
Can help us achieve This Bliss.

Only a Teacher Who knows Bliss in Singing 
Can show us 
Where to find
Our Own.

When the Singer knows the "God-awful Truth" (it is "God-awful" to the World, for very few know how to cherish a "selfish", life-giving action)  that we sing as much for our own pleasure:
for the for others' delight,
there may be a Moment of Confusion
She sits
In awe
wondering why
she was taught
that singing was about touching other people...
...when All Other People
are already IN
this Bliss
of Song...??

True vocal technique taught
with life-changing depth and power
carves out such Space in the Singer
that the Whole World 
resides in Her Heart.

And when She listens to It
She knows
This Heart is not only her own...

It is not only her own! 

THIS is Opera Organically.

This, my "No.200" Post, is dedicated to Kashu-do, The Way of the Singer.  
May more and more singers learn how to Change the World through Song! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No. 199: The Chiaroscuro of Opera Organically

...just like a trained Voice, the Singer's life is full of light and dark: chiaro and oscuro.  The balance between these two sides of singing, these two sides of life, only comes when we are willing to live and love the TOTALITY of what is means to sing, to be, and to live.  
This is Opera Organically.  
This is Life.  
This is Love.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

No. 198: On Singing Organically

Singing organically is ECSTATIC.  
It's FREEING, it's BE-ing
and really only FRIGHTENING...when we think
we are separate 
from the Stuff
we hear calling
this FLIGHT,
is a constant FLOW OF LIGHT!
So join me, Friend, where YOU have always been
with ME, 
in a Land of Possibility:
where singing is BEING,
in OTHERS as much
encompasses ALL WE ARE
meaning EVERYONE
when we SEE with the eyes
LISTEN with the ears
TASTE with the tongue
TOUCH with the skin, and
EMOTE with the HE/ART
of LOVE!
Yes, Opera Organically is IN LOVE...
with LIFE, with SINGING, 


let's All meet there!!!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No. 197: To Live Where and How Voice Lives

Dear Friends,

This morning I am more convinced than ever that the Path of a singer is not just about singing.  When we REALLY walk the path: when we find a teacher with the know-how to lead us, through vocal technique, to the Center of Who We Are as singers--when we are willing to experience every challenge and adventure we face on that Path, we eventually look around and find it is the Treasure of LIFE we've been looking for all along.

The experience of being alive has been carved out of my Being by VOICE.  THIS IS THE POWER OF OPERA ORGANICALLY.  THIS is the awakening power of singing.

I believe we are losing music education from schools across the country for the following reason: Song, music, and the making of it has been confused with luxury.  THE EXPERIENCE OF LIVING IS NOT A LUXURY!  IT IS A NECESSITY.

Opera Organically is about shouting out this awareness, this reality.  It's about sending out a primal call to the universe that True Voice, this Entity which connects us all, cannot be silenced.  It's about riding the wave of a passion that flows through us with or without a functioning education system.  It's about the seed of expression lying dormant in EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.  It's about singing...and SO much more!!

Good, Go(o)d Morning y'all!



Monday, September 10, 2012

No. 196: The Stuff of Song

We walk through life so often afraid that we cannot sing,
When all along, 
We are made of the stuff of Song!

Opera Organically is this Path of Discovery.

Much Love this Morning to All,

Rebecca Fromherz

Friday, September 7, 2012

No. 195: Is your mirror painted black?

"Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations."  
~Alan Watts

Friend, have you been told you have a "bad" voice?  Have you adopted this belief to such a degree that you insist upon it?  If this is true for you--even just a little, I propose that you are sitting on a barrel which holds a light that needs to be seen by the world.

You might see It force Its way out in strange places in your life: It is in wild laughter; It's in deep sobs; It is in uncontrollable rage--It can even be in a snore.  Your voice is all around you, and seeing It as "bad" is like looking at yourself in a mirror painted black.

What if the world uncovered Its collective Light of Voice?  What power has been silenced in us as individuals which could heal in ways only It understands?

Dear Ones, this uncovering, this allowing, this BEing, IS Opera Organically.  I am so honored to speak to It!

A Beautiful Morning to All,