Sunday, April 11, 2010

No. 52

Grace, or that which saves us, is not 'nice'. It is the hot breath of a lioness who has just made her kill. It is the wing of a butterfly which sets chains of experience in motion. It is powerful as God Herself, one with Her very being. That's why, when She appears to us, our dainty, differential and dutiful 'no' turns in to the resounding 'yes' which can only be accompanied by the Music of the Spheres, and the blessing of all Creation. We are one with the lioness, one with the butterfly, and music is a painting of the Grace which can do nothing but capture us all in infinite safety, completion, and peace. To enter in to this completion we move toward the truth of who we are: not 'nice' but rather 'real', 'true'...rather...'Love'.

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