Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No. 50

To my fellow seekers, and also to my self: A 'pressed' voice or 'incorrect' technique is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. When we see our so-called 'faults' as our best friends on the journey, the very things that point us toward who we truly are as singers, then in a strange way we are obligated to be grateful for them, not angry about them or lost in self-condemnation because of them. This gratitude allows for much needed objectivity, and at the same time awe and wonder at the unique struggles and challenges that make up our lives as artists. Indeed our 'faults' are just a few more colors on the canvas of our days that shift and mix and meld to make us in to the purity of expression that we seek. Do not give up the good search! (as my teacher would say) And watch in wonder as it changes day by day, moment by beautiful moment. We are here, we are whole, perfect, and wonderful parts of God's great Creation...SHe in us, We in H/er/im. Namaste!

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