Friday, July 12, 2013

No. 249: Let It IN.

The world's almost automatic admonition  
toward a singer who is Voiceless
or Shy
or Scared
or Unsure


"Just let it out!"

It works in the movies.

It works on American Idol.

But what we see in these popular stories is only the partial truth for most of us Seekers of Voice.  
Most of us need to experience something quite different in order to find Vocal Freedom.

Many would-be singers, 
must learn
to let Voice IN
before they can ever let It out.

This allowing Voice IN, 
facilitated by an organic, life- and Voice-affirming technique,
as well as a community of absolute positivity like Opera Organically,
creates the knowledge of a complete security,
a deep authenticity,

a Self-FULLness

that is tapped in to the power
of Universal Voice (the third tenet).

It's this little, itty-bitty, 
in the Inward Direction
which we're most often forgetting--
as we bang our heads and mangle our hearts
against a direction to "Let It out!"
when we often aren't even aware 
of what "It" is!

And so, we stand all too often
at the end of our lives 

"Gee, I wish I could have sung--I wish I could have had a voice"

When, all the while, Voice was embracing Us with such Love, Eagerness, Acceptance, and Peace,
ready to make the LEAP for us--
as we stood, unaware, never knowing how to let It into our lives to DO this FOR us.

It's a small shift, but an important one.

Do Voice a favor 
and insert this step
into every "success" story
you've ever heard about a singer.

Many do not tell about this step
because many do not know
just how vital It is...
or even 
that they've taken it.

Some breathe Voice naturally--
others must re-learn to live where It lives
or we can never take a truly life-giving breath.

So, my friends...

Let It IN.

and then...

Be aware

You ARE It.

And EveryOne Else IS It.

And then watch 
as something even more AWESOME happens:

All that pressure to do the impossible
disappears into ashes and smoke
as the clarity of Voice
opens your Singing HeArt
and you hear, stunned,
the most powerful,
small Voice
you've ever heard:

...........................THERE IS NO "LETTING IT OUT"!!!...............................

...there is only letting It IN...

and letting It amongst Us, and of Us, and between Us, and around Us.

Know the stillness of It.

Know the Joy.

Know what it is to Sing--without uttering a note--
and let THAT resonance live
through the Music that Sings YOU. Has sung You. And will sing You, forever.

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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