Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No. 248: The Great LEAP

Opera Organically is a space of awe, of love, and of fascination.

For all the 'struggles' I lived while searching for Voice,
I realize now there was a constant thread of appreciation for the process of discovery.

At times, I remember not being able to sense the It: this appreciation.  

At those times, the oscuro ('dark') of my Singer's Way was thick and heavy.

At other times, the chiaro ('light') called me into excruciating bliss, 
pulling me up and away from balance.

But whether or not I experienced fascination, awe, and appreciation 
in the depths of pain, or in the joy of pleasure 
I know, as I look back,
that IT was always with me.

NOW I know, it is not the dark or the light that is the treasure.
The treasure is how I've learned to love both oscuro and chiaro identically,
as they have, and as the do, paint my Human Voice Experience.
The treasure is being able to see that, just by walking the Path of Singing,
I was loving Voice--even if unaware.

The good news of Opera Organically, according to the First Tenet, is


The sometimes tricky news is that much of the world does not know this--or maybe they do, somewhere deep inside, in that place where heaven lives--but they do not speak it.  Much of the world speaks about how Voice must be earned, must be ethereal, must be elusive--must be reserved for the 'lucky' or the 'talented'.  This language keeps many of us from taking the Great LEAP Opera Organically has to offer:


at all times.

It is my Life Purpose to continue creating an Absolutely Supportive and Safe Space for Exploring Voice, with this Great LEAP as the foundation for my work. 

It is my mission, even when Voice is trapped in the weak definitions our world sometimes has to offer, to hold the strength of AWE and FASCINATION and LOVE for the discovery process in each and every singer's experience.
Even, and especially, when Great Breakings Open occur: when Voice bursts forth as a giant guffaw or a horrendous SPLAT, or crack, or Wonkiness--or tears, or anger--or when Voice goes inside to shelter Itself from the relentless judgment of common language--

It is my mission through Opera Organically and knowledge of the First Tenet, to hold the infinite strength of LOVE for VOICE ALREADY PRESENT.

Can you see what a a beautiful treasure hunt we then have laid out before us?

Can you sense what a celebration every day can be in this context?

Can you hear It, feel It, BE IT??

*Breathe It In*

*Breath It Out*


THIS is the Great LEAP.

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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