Friday, July 5, 2013

No. 247: Something Much Deeper

As singers we're told

"get the gig"; "be paid for what we do"; "be 'professional' singers"; "get that company spot"; "get that album contract"; "form that group"; "get accepted into ______"...

...which is all well and fine, but



What we're NOT often told 
is to 
"seek connection with the awesomeness of Voice"; "hear It, feel It, be It"; "become a walking talking expression of Voice"; "love your Voice because your Voice is Love"...

There are no t.v. shows about this (yet).  There is very little drama about the deeper truth of LOVING Voice which, when it comes before all other "achievements" makes the singer's life path ecstatic, exciting, and beautiful.  There is very little drama but A LOT of excavation--a lot of HARD WORK mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  There is very little drama about a singer flying with the joy of expressing her complete Voice.  There is only reverent JOY.

We CAN flow with the Love of what It Is to BE Voice--and trust that all else which should come to our experience
will flow naturally from our very BE-ing.

THIS is Something Much Deeper.

THIS Is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically!

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