Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No. 183 What is Opera Organically? A Resting Place

For the Diva Warriors, 
for the ones who know
that singing is much more than singing,
who know that they are being sung,
Opera Organically is a resting place.

For we see with the eyes of our Eternal Hearts
that Voice is a way of Being, not just of Doing,
which has the power to awaken all aspects
of human emotion and experience on this Earth.

We become the fertile ground
which produces blossoms as well as brambles.
We become the messiness and the decay:
We become the Death
as well as the Birth, the blooming,
of Life.

Walking through the world 
with this pulsing aliveness
can be exhausting.  Our Bodies, our minds, our spirits,
these Vessels which hold so much Voice
become tired.

Opera Organically
is a community which knows and understands,
offering Voices clear and all-encompassing, 
to make space 
for All that is Who We Are.

In this resting place of fellowship
we surrender:
We sit still, we let Love bathe us
with the knowledge that Life and Death
Light and Darkness
chiaro and oscuro
extend out from our songs
to paint the world with exquisite color
 the more we allow,
the more vibrant our lives, 
the more true our Voices.

What is this, this being in Love?  What is it to sing in Love? 

It is a resting place, of the deepest kind
where to meet others in freedom and in music
is to know more of Who We Are.  

THIS is Opera Organically.

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  1. Thanks, Becka, for your thoughts. Though I'm not an opera singer, I can relate to the depth of music in one's soul. It is a reflection of all that life embraces. It was a privelege to spend the week-end with you. Fran