Sunday, April 1, 2012

No. 182: What is Opera Organically? What we want...

If there is one constant thread which weaves through my long journey to finding Voice, it is the desire to express all, not just some, of the deep feelings which course through my physical body when I listen to and sing the music I love.  As a child I believe I did this; I was free in my laughter and in my singing.  It was a freedom of innocence, or perhaps of ignorance.  I am sure I sang some "wrong" notes.  I am certain my diction was not "correct".  I know that I was singing in a way in which others could find "fault".  The little Becky (who is still in me--though I did have to find her!) did not care.

Opera Organically is a way for me to express and explain the myriad of ways in which Love and Life worked to iron out the experiences I had, post-this innocent freedom of childhood, which carried Voice away from my body and robbed me of the authentic communication through Voice which I so long craved.  It is a celebration of the Force which reigns as the Essence of us all which can resurrect the deepest parts of who we are made to be.  It is a testimony to all the beautiful people who, in knowing their own inner fire and letting it burn brightly, saw mine and blew on its embers with the breath of truth, courage, and belief until I could believe in it myself.

On this Palm Sunday, I lovingly and devotedly re-commit my Life and my Voice to that which is Ever-Alive.  This post is a call to remember and to testify to all the ways in which we all have been reborn, resurrected, re-invented in the Truth of Love.  It is a sing out that ALL are safe and cherished and honored when such a testimonial is proclaimed imminent and, daringly, necessary.  It is a call to recognize that which we have always been, and always will be.



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