Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quote of the Day: To A Child

THE greatest poem ever known

Is one all poets have outgrown: 

The poetry, innate, untold, 

Of being only four years old. 

Still young enough to be a part 

Of Nature's great impulsive heart, 

Born comrade of bird, beast, and tree 

And unselfconscious as the bee-- 

And yet with lovely reason skilled 

Each day new paradise to build; 

Elate explorer of each sense, 

Without dismay, without pretense! 

In your unstained transparent eyes 

There is no conscience, no surprise: 

Life's queer conundrums you accept, 

Your strange divinity still kept. 

Being, that now absorbs you, all 

Harmonious, unit, integral, 

Will shred into perplexing bits,-- 

Oh, contradictions of the wits! 

And Life, that sets all things in rhyme, 

may make you poet, too, in time-- 

But there were days, O tender elf, 

When you were Poetry itself! 

~Christopher Morley

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