Monday, May 30, 2011

No. 143

From the perspective of the Heart there is nothing to say.  The Heart wants only to be in Love. How do we achieve this awareness?  How can we learn from a way of being that has no words? Our teachers can build a bridge to this place, and hope that we cross it...but how do we take the first steps along the path?  We begin by realizing that our very bodily existence is the beginning of our path to Love.  We are here, on Earth, even scattered or sad, unclear and insecure, we are here. This is incredible news!  For when we know we are alive, that we live and breathe if only in pieces, it slowly becomes evident that the glue to hold all our parts together is one and the same with what we have been seeking.  Over time, the peace and joy which we have sensed embodied in the people and creatures we admire become more than just signposts or beacons in the night.  They become one with who we are.  We become One, and suddenly there has never been a separation between us and the teacher.  There has never been a bridge.  There has only, ever, been Love.

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