Saturday, May 7, 2011

Opera Organically: The Second Principle

The Second Principle of Opera Organically is

Freedom is possible for anyone who desires it enough with heart, mind, body, and soul.

For each student of singing, the pathway is the same: we are all seeking freedom.  Freedom from what depends on the individual story, the "opera of life" that each individual is walking. Part of the singing student's task is to devise her own plan for her freedom walk.  We know already that the destination is clear, is possible, and is real.  Now she can paint her way with all the beauty that all the composers painted in the music s/he sings.  It is the student's responsibility to seek out the maps, to draw them based on the collective experience s/he witnesses in her teachers, her supporters, her colleagues, in nature, in life, in music...and in all that Love brings to her.  The Second Principle is an invitation to the greatest adventure in a singer's life: the walk to freedom, the walk to True Voice.  What comes after is Love in the purest sense, that cannot be questioned.  The singer has let go of the journey, and knows what it means to truly be blessed, to surrender, to love, and to truly sing.

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