Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No. 222: I. Love. Paradox.

I. Love. Paradox.  

In the beginning of my path as a singer, I did not always love paradox.  In fact, at times I HATED paradox for the hair-pulling, foot-stomping and mind-bending it caused in my inner world.  Now, I understand the only way we singers become sane is through loving the constant pull between seeming opposites we experience.  Jean-Ronald LaFond, my Singing Guru has come up with a fabulous list of paradoxes he is now teaching in a brilliantly concise fashion.  Keep up with Kashu-do: The Way of the Singer, for those!  

In the mean time I leave you with food for thought:  "Relax and Sing" is one of those maddening suggestions which houses a paradox for singers.  However, a very crucial element is missing here which drove me MAD for years in its absence.  Now I understand what most people mean when they suggest we "Relax and Sing" really is:  

"Relax. Trust VOICE. And Sing.
(oh, and in the mean time, make sure you do what it takes to become what Voice needs you to be.)"

When we experience relaxation and singing in this context, suddenly DOing and BEing become One in the fabulous ecstasy of singing.  It is our desire to experience this way of life which causes us singers to be constant students--and sometimes reluctant Lovers--of Paradox.

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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