Thursday, March 21, 2013

No. 218: An Invitation

Opera Organically is an invitation 
to see ourselves as Kings and Queens,
Princesses and Princes,
Sorceresses and Murderers--
Thieves and Torturers.

It is an invitation to embrace ALL
of what humanity can be
in the safe, all-encompassing, loving, healing 
of Music.

This invitation is not for everyone,
for many will shrink at the power in each of us--
at the possibility at once for royalty, and at once for treachery.

Perhaps this is why, to some, opera is hard to hear?

Ah, but nothing can compare to the deep knowledge of
Voice which, originating from the very space of US,
teaches that we have the power to choose
between embracing our royalty or treachery
in real life.

And when treachery and royalty become entwined
as in life they so often do, 
Voice gives us refuge, a foundation, a firm identity,
a positive knowing that all CAN be seen as beautiful Music,
no matter how confusing it may be.

So, am I speaking anymore about Voice, and only Voice?
Or is this deep expression of Who We Are connected,
One-and-the-same perhaps,
to What Makes Us?

This Question, My Friends, is Opera Organically's Invitation.

It Is this Question which keeps me singing, 
this Question which keeps me alive,

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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