Monday, November 5, 2012

No. 204: What if...?

What if the fame/mania of our culture is a mask for a much deeper human need?

What if what we really want is not just to SING and BE FAMOUS, but to LIVE in a way which is thrilling, meaningful, celebrated, adulated, honored, set apart, special, unique, all-powerful, gorgeous, intense, fulfilling, scintillating, blessed, and all together wonderful?

Living Opera Organically is about knowing that Voice, the Voice we crave--the Voice we want to sing with the rest of our lives whether rich, poor, sick, healthy, sad, happy, captive, or free--is ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE, ALWAYS PRESENT, always ALL the things we "want" to be.  

When a singer knows this, s/he has realized the truth of something much bigger than any individual.  S/he has realized the true power of singing, of connection, of life, of LOVE.

THIS is Opera Organically.
THIS is Life.
THIS is Love.

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