Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No. 203: On the "Spewage of True Experience"

One of the reasons I believe so few of us
reach the place where we know
beyond the shadow of a doubt
that we have found our True Voices 
is that we are often taught
that to express the distress we can feel
as singing students is unacceptable,
unprofessional, and not at all 
a part of the process 
of emptying OurSelves to make space
for Voice.

I say quite the opposite.

In fact, herewith I SCREAM 
in the most 'unacceptable' expression of Voice
that any and all spewage of True Experience
which carves out a new expanse 
in the space of Mind, Heart,
and Voice, is not only acceptable,
it's welcome for eternity.
For ETERNAL is the kind of Art
we CAN give Voice to, the kind of Art 
 we CAN sing.

How can we sing of the stuff 
that makes us human
if we deny 

Singers around the world, we are doing much more
than making pretty sounds.

We are changing the world, inside and out.

Our singing is not antiquated or separate 
from what it is to be human.

Our singing, because of its very transformative nature,
is making us MORE and MORE human 
until, one day, we experience Voice
in a Way Which blurs all boundaries between us,
transcends all ideas of judgement,
and offers a permanent place
where Voice,
whole and real, and absolutely free,
smiles, lovingly, at the WE
who used to
deny It.

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