Thursday, September 27, 2012

No. 200: A Guidepost Most Clear-- a Dedication

Singing is Bliss.  Bliss is Singing.  

When we have the courage and the hope to acknowledge this, something very beautiful happens: 
A Journey
Where we do not stop until we realize the very Truth of Bliss in our Voices.

The special, secret thing about singing
is that ONLY THE SINGER KNOWS if they are experiencing Bliss.

Oh, yes, Bliss can be pretended,
But True Bliss cannot comprehend an empty lie.

Bliss is A Guidepost Most Clear
because without IT we are always searching, always searching.

Only a Teacher Who points us back toward Ourselves
Can help us achieve This Bliss.

Only a Teacher Who knows Bliss in Singing 
Can show us 
Where to find
Our Own.

When the Singer knows the "God-awful Truth" (it is "God-awful" to the World, for very few know how to cherish a "selfish", life-giving action)  that we sing as much for our own pleasure:
for the for others' delight,
there may be a Moment of Confusion
She sits
In awe
wondering why
she was taught
that singing was about touching other people...
...when All Other People
are already IN
this Bliss
of Song...??

True vocal technique taught
with life-changing depth and power
carves out such Space in the Singer
that the Whole World 
resides in Her Heart.

And when She listens to It
She knows
This Heart is not only her own...

It is not only her own! 

THIS is Opera Organically.

This, my "No.200" Post, is dedicated to Kashu-do, The Way of the Singer.  
May more and more singers learn how to Change the World through Song! 

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