Thursday, February 16, 2012

No. 178: What is Opera Organically? Post 3: On a community complete

In the Opera Organically Community, we do not sing 'incorrectly'.  

It can be perceived that we are, in time and space, singing 'incompletely', however.  This would mean that, as individuals we have not yet realized the omnipresent, complete nature of Voice.  

When we enter into the safety of a group of people willing to explore the idea that our limited view of our individual singing voice may be just that: limited, we open ourselves to a world of possibility and power. 

Opera Organically asks: What could we give to each other that speaks with True Voice?  How can I compliment my sister's path to realizing vocal completion? How can I be of service, not only to my individual growth, but to the freedom, healing, and bliss of the entire world?

The Opera Organically Community is an antidote to the isolated, disempowered singer. In Opera Organically we live the idea that we sing each other, and that when another sings in their beauty, we can rejoice in bowing down to our own. 

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  1. So appreciate your thoughtfulness, Becca ...