Sunday, February 12, 2012

No. 176: What is Opera Organically? Post One~A Community Dedicated to Freedom of Voice

Opera Organically is a community dedicated to Freedom of Voice.  It is a gathering of hearts, minds, spirits, bodies, intellects and emotions--of people, who are passionate about the preservation, exploration, and universality of Free Voice.  It is an inclusive community, excluding no person who displays an open heart and mind to the qualities which join us all, and which inform the great, artful expressions of what it means to be human.  Opera Organically is an open community, which sees that Freedom of Voice often exists only in the desire for freedom.  Often it exists in brokenness, in that which the world deems inaccurate or false.  The member of Opera Organically sees possibility even in the most downtrodden Voice, and is brave enough to speak the truth of Wholeness and Oneness which exists even beneath layers of pain, hurt, and lies.  Opera Organically heals as a community, all those willing to see the light of life in their Voices, knowing that if they can hear light, they can also sing light, knowing that they are light.  Opera Organically is a family of hope, of seekers of well-being, and of all that is true and real.  

This post is dedicated to all in need of hope and healing in their search for True Voice.

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