Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No. 160: On Transformation

What if learning to sing was taught in the context of realizing our true potential as human beings?  What if we could sing our way through transformation, birthing living, breathing, singing Beings who have followed their Voices to the Truth of Who They Are?  Could we as a culture, as a society begin to see the value of following Heart to the utmost freedom of expression?  Could we follow a path where we teach our bodies to be molded by this Heart, by Music, into complete resonance with the world around us?  Could music, could singing, teach us to mediate our inner lives as well as our outer experiences and relationships?  What powers are we living with, what powers are we experiencing, that music and Voice could show us Heaven, could show us ultimate peace?  What if we could step into that place, widening our glimpses of Light until all of life is consumed by It?  Wouldn't then music be seen for its ultimate worth and life-giving power???  We would be speaking of Music as life's currency: Spirit above the material, and music education would be seen as something as essential to all of us as water, food, or breath.  We would become our Voices, worthy of being seen and heard, and of being loved!

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