Wednesday, October 19, 2011

N0. 164: Love is the great authority.

Love is the great authority.  What if the Classical School of Singing, in all its evolution up to today, has been about honing the power of Love through the human Voice?  What or Whom is it that tells us we are on the right track?  "Love is the answer" we hear throughout life, a whisper in the background to our times of achievement and success.  But what if Love is also the question?  What if we could see that as singers we are also seekers, and that the illusive IT we seek is already who we are?  What, then, could our mission as singers become?  What, our purpose? What if we could turn conscious a culture which from the outside seems full of false pageantry and drama?  What if we would be courageous, expressing all of what we do, who we are, from the inside out?  Then we who love opera would enter the realms of heroes and warriors, angels and beings of light--the same as those which we sing, see, compose, and listen to onstage.  What we know now in secret and fantasy would become known in reality to all who care to find It, and our lives would be about much more than even music.

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