Monday, September 12, 2011

No. 155: Freedom's Challenge

The reality of life is, we are free.  We can achieve awareness of this reality by following the path toward finding true, organic Voice, which is, by nature, also free.  But will we, with the awareness of freedom granted us through the Classical School of Singing, step up and identify ourselves, completely, with the free nature we find in organic Voice?  If we can answer this challenge, opera, and indeed all singing, will move beyond simple surface entertainment, annoyance, expendability, or frivolity in society and in education.  We will see respect, honor, love, and acknowledgement of the organic Voice as a vehicle to change the world, a way to shift how humankind perceives itself.  This art form of singing, which we have created, and which, in small pockets still maintains its absolute integrity, reflects who we truly are.  Will we have the courage to speak, and sing, this truth?

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