Thursday, September 22, 2011

No. 156: Do you love Voices?...

Do you love Voice? or just "singing"?

Could there be a danger in separating the two?

Voice implies infinite potential.  It gives space for asking questions, like "What, where, when, why, (my) Voice?"

"Singing" brings with it all sorts of cultural conditioning and judgments, fear and disbelief. It implies a yes or no question: can I?  or can't I?  could I? or couldn't I?--or the even more destructive: should I?  or shouldn't I?

When we think of what we are doing not as "singing", but as "voicing" or "giving Voice to who we are" or "Becoming Voice", we open up a world of possibility.  We also open up an infinite space for Voice to breathe, to grow, and to strengthen in safety, honor, and respect.

With this perspective, there is no "us" and "them".  All of life becomes one radiant, vibrating mass of Love, with all the room we could ever need to be, and to become.

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  1. It seems strange thinking of how each person looks at singing. I thought of it as telling a story in a different way and yet I didn't think of it in your prospective of voice and singing being the same. But now that I read this blog I think you are correct. You do voice your feelings and opinions when you sing or even make a selection of the song you will sing. You can surely be more open singing than you might be when speaking. Thanks for the thoughts.