Thursday, April 7, 2011


The teleology of the singing organism is to be free.  What shape the journey to freedom takes in the singer's life is as infinitely variable as the differences between us.  However the "It", das Es: the factor which keeps us searching and which is our reward from the time we sense It to the time we can allow It fully in our lives through our voices, is always and ever the same.  It is what we recognize when we hear greatness. It is what we yearn for because It is not only our blood and our breath, but the very life force which sustains us.  When we realize this, a whole new kind of camaraderie is available to us.  We are no longer just singers, but the embodiment, the instruments, the mouthpieces of God.  It is at once a profound calling and a simple one.  But a calling it is: deeper than the individual soul itself.

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