Monday, April 25, 2011

No. 139: The Singing Animal

When the Singer begins to observe that she is indeed an animal, a singing Creature born not only of body but of a sort of "Music-Spirit" which composers, in their knowledge of this Creature's existence, have pulled from the very depths of Who She Is, she starts to see the sparks of her True Self. It's like seeing the flash of a Bengal tiger's eyes in the jungle: She does not know where the Creature has been or where It is going, but she can guess...oh yes, she can guess, at It's power. This guess is the voice of timelessness which speaks back from when she was made of stardust, her voice floating on the silent winds of the universe. The spark in her eye is the spark in the tiger's eye, for It lives inside her, owns her, brings her to life with a Truth that lives only in open, timeless, wilderness. In the absence of pretense, in the place where hunger is raw, the bowing, the worship, the Love expressed toward Music transforms from mere gratefulness into awe...and Music becomes not only Music but the stuff which makes up Life Itself. And suddenly she is running alongside the tiger, not knowing where they are going, but beginning to know why.

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