Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No. 136

When we hear a singer and want to be able to sing like that singer, it is not only we who are recognizing the desire to sing, but our Voice which, upon seeing its mirror image, jumps with joy in recognition of its own beauty.  It is our choice whether to persevere and follow the path which the Voice then takes us on toward its own version of freedom, its own expression through our lives, or not.  What we are really experiencing is a collective Voice, a collective Love which travels the depths of all humankind until it finds the ones who will express It.  When we identify with a singer, it is because they have also been touched by this collective Voice, this collective Love.  They may be a little further in allowing it in their lives than we.  But what of it?  At least we can see, we can hear, and we can experience that Love, which has always been ours, even before we knew we could hear it.  

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