Sunday, March 20, 2011

No. 134

The untrained voice is the only weapon which is more dangerous before it is fully forged!  How are we preparing ourselves for the nicks and cuts, the 'lost limbs' which come along in this search for completion? We must believe in health and wholeness, and the Path thereto, to such a degree that one day we wake up and we know our weapon has become our friend, our Excalibur, our companion, made just for us, on a journey of Light, of Truth, and of the kind of Love which welds mind to heart and body to soul.  We become dancers with a mysterious partner whose secrets are revealed only to us.  We become complete in our joy, sure of our knowledge, and curious about the twists and turns which are sure to come when we follow the life of an entity which is not quite our own.  This is how we heal.  This is how we grow.

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