Sunday, February 20, 2011

No. 125

Every moment of growth along the Path is an opportunity to foster compassion and respect for others along their respective Ways, and to feed the knowledge of the mystery which binds us all together, even when all the while it fuels our differences.  When we can celebrate every little step as progress toward the summit, toward true happiness and fulfillment and satisfaction in life, then there is no more worry, no more guilt, and no more shame.  In fact, the further along we are on this mountain Path, the more the fog of deep intuition comes in to embrace all of who we are, so that who we are not is suddenly, one day, invisible. We become lost, not in fear, but in love.  We become lost, not in need of a map, but in the knowledge of a way of being, where all sustenance is ours to accept as a treasure we've carried with us since birth: a message in a bottle which we've somehow managed to pluck from the stream that runs through the woods below the depths of who we are as individuals.  Bring on the messages, and bring on the foggy, all-enveloping truths which proclaim certainty where we are blind!  Bring on life, bring on love!  And leave all else behind...!

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