Saturday, February 5, 2011

No. 121

Eyes wide open I drink in the sound
of Truth beyond vaporous noise
at the precipice of Who I Am
How can there Be
a convergence at the edge of Me
of All there Is
And how can All There Is
speak to me as if it, like the vibrations of sound
travel through this body
even in sleep?...and how can I see It even
as I feel It...all around, in nothing-ness
which is the something-ness of me?

This place, where perfection beyond perfection is born
Moment by moment
Laughs with a joy the same as tears
as I cry out, as I sing,
and my voice, my Self,
indefinable, inseparable amidst All-embracing Love
which comes with the sun as it
burns away the fog of  un-knowingnes,
of all that obscures this deep Sight
at the meeting of Me
and Light...

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