Friday, June 11, 2010

No. 72

Completion comes
when we allow
to be molded
to the shape of the universe
which calls us to think past
what we believe we know

Our insides
are as intricate
as a million galaxies
with a billion trillion stars
stretching from day to day
beyond recognition,
beyond comfort,
God's growing pains:
black holes and star bursts,
the disappearing of lies
and the spontaneous realization
of Truth,
show us what it means
to be reborn
with every breath

turn me
inside out
and you will see the night sky.

when I know your heart
I will know each constellation
by name
and I will have a map
(so beautifully drawn
on your road to Now)
which leads only to Love

for there will be no place
where you are
that I am not

and no place where I am
that is not you.

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