Friday, May 21, 2010

We Are Survivors

The Search for Voice can take us
to the most barren, lonely lands
where fear and despair
run like salt water through our hands
We have identity
not even our tears can give clarity
about who we are supposed to be...
but hydroelectricity
is not a too recent invention
and with Love as our intention
we use the flow
of what we do know
to show us what we need:
knowledge that whispers
knowledge that screams
it speaks in emotions
like Mother Earth's never-ending springs
and hope flows under the surface
like ever-growing grace
Turn desolation to opportunity
Make an about-face:
be skeptical of every certainty
become a living Quest-ion
walking in Eternity!
It's can be lonely, yes, but if you are true
to all it is that you must do
to be all it is that you must be
it will become ever easier to see
your next step to saving

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