Saturday, May 15, 2010

The SpotLight: Dedicated to the DHS Advanced Theater Singers

In the SpotLight
(where you long to be)
you are invited
to step in
to Eternity.


breath seems to stop:


Deep in the core of You
you hear ticking...a clock...?

that becomes a Time

"Who am I? What am I? And how do I make it STOP?
I'm too late
I'm really wrong
I'm off
I don't know the words to this song!

I'm too ugly, I'm too small.
I'm too fat, I'm too tall.

How do I stop it?!? Where can I hide?
Oh God, there must be someplace inside

where I
can just...

And so you do.

You leave.

You have the right.
You hold the map, you own the key
To what it really means to be Free:

"What is it anyway?
And why must I care?
I've got all I need
Food to eat and air
to breathe...

But here I cannot breathe. I do not have the air. What is it now? What is it that I need?

Whispers of childhood, traces of dreams, ecstasy I've tasted and...

Can it be

if I can taste it!?
If I can feel it?...if I can want it...?
if I

Is it truly my 'plight'
to be this way,
to always have to fight
to always have to say

'...let me be, World!
Just let me be!
Only alone
can I possibly be free
from this ticking clock,
from all this pain...
alone I am safe
alone I am sane!

Get me out of the SpotLight!
I didn't want it

You can take flight
from the Stage:
find a measure of Light
(in the SpotLight's absence)
far far away
where no one can come
and no one can say
"you are dumb"
for being who you are,
for wanting what you want,
for standing in the Light--
don't worry, this feeling
is right.
it's good, this place--
it's where you need to be

for a little while.

Though after some time
maybe a day
or two...
it could be many
or just a few

It starts to get lonely
in this place to where you flew

And you think
"wouldn't it be fun
to go out and play?
wouldn't it be fun to see the Light of day?"

Fear leads you
straight to what you need.

It's not bad
oh no...indeed
the tears that Fear makes flow
show you where you must go!

the Key to finding
what's True inside
has been hidden from you
in this frantic race:
your struggle to keep up
the maddening pace
just one step
of Fear,
that Time Bomb ticking relentlessly
in your ear

Until one day you stop and say

"What if...?"

What if Fear is tricking you?
What if
Fear is not something to fear
but rather
to WHO
you really are
and what you really love:
the one key to opening the skies up above?

Away from the dark storms of being alone
Away from that feeling of having that huge stone
hold you down deep in your gut
making you want to do anything but
who you really are.

What if your Key is hidden
because you do not see
that Fear itself
began your plea
for Freedom
from uncertainty
where you knew
how to be safe
but not
how to be Free?

If Fear is the Key to You, to Heart and to Soul, what could you do? Who could you be? How do you find this elusive Key?

Stand tall!
Stand True!

And follow your Fear
Chase it down!
Don't let her play with you
don't let her push you around!
Search up hill and through dale
no precipice can make you pale
For every place you go
She will always let you know
She's there
which means you're close
to your Goal

Until one day...

you catch up to your Fear!
between a sob and a tear
she's just...there...suddenly
between that hollow in your gut
and the choking in your throat.

"Fear? It's nice to meet you! What a special day!
Love this place you've got here, wouldn't you say
it's a nice place to live, a nice home to give
my aching Heart
that's been running away
from YOU?
I think I'll take over
what do you say?"

And Fear, in Her gentle voice, replies:

"I was wondering when you would care enough
to get to know me."

At that, you stand stock-still,
alongside your Fear
and realize
it's not so uncomfortable here.
What you said in sarcasm
could really be true
why have you been running
when there's nothing wrong with you?
Why did you ever run? Why did you ever...
She really seems like such a dear!

So you and Fear talk away the night
and in the wee hours of the morning
you see there's a Light
in this place
beyond tension and Uncertainty: the place of Letting Go...

a small
small candle
burning bright
with a flame that spits
Like it wants to grow
Like it just might...
and suddenly you know
what you've always wanted:

You ask, since you and Fear are becoming fast Friends
"Fear? What is this place? What is this space?
And why do I feel like we're floating?"

"An excellent question"
Fear says in her kindness,
"This place is the Center of You."

"But how could that be?
I do not know this part of me...
it feels..."

"like Eternity?"
Fear says with a joyous smile
and you watch
as with a sweep of her hand
all around you dissolves to darkness and
billions of little points of Light
just like the one you discovered
at the Center of You
fill the night

"What are they?!" you exclaim--

Suddenly Fear feels again like Fright!

"They are your friends"
says Fear.
"everyone you know...and some, well not quite

"But how could that be? How do you know??
I'm not sure I like this...maybe I should go..."

"You cannot" says Fear
"You have come too far...
there is nowhere to go
once you've found your star."

"What do you mean? I don't have a star!
Inside of me is empty! Inside of me is dark!
I've spent so much time there
I know there is no spark
of Light
deep inside of me."

"What does it feel like here?
Now, I mean, after you've seen
all those stars?"
asks Your Gentle Fear

"It feels like...huge...
like outer no time,
no space, has ever existed...
I feel free to move, I feel free to be...
I feel I can be...just me!
There's no one watching, no one laughing.
No one jeering, no one clapping.
I just see all these lights and hear all this
it feels like life. It feels like life!
Like watching a flower grow
or learning once and for all
what you've always known
Like I can choose
what it is I want to do!
And who I am is who
I'm meant to be"

"Good" says Fear, "this is Good and Right
And now my Dear
you may end your fight
end your tears and end your plight
For Good.
Turn around.
Own your Light."

So, you turn around, for you've learned to listed to Fear.

And there, you see
A ball of Light
akin to that candle which showed you
what it was
you needed to ask.

"Oh My God!" you gasp.

"Indeed" says Fear with a bow.

Speechless you can only stare
at this pulsing Light, this great, warm sphere
of pure power, of energy...of...

"...Love...?" asks Fear, for She can read your thoughts.

"Yes, Love. It's Love!!" You say with a start
"that erases all pain
and erases all struggle
and shows me One direction
when once there was only muddled
input, lots of lies
and stormy violent skies
...oh, thank you, thank You God!
thanks for this reply
to all my seeking and all my tears
to all the disappearing, and to all my Fears...


wait...FEAR! Where are you? Where have you gone?

I do not want to go on

Stay with me!"

A response in a voice just like your own comes from somewhere deep
inside the Orb:

"I will always be with you when you pass through into Love--
I will be transformed
I will be You:
the True Me

"What do you mean?" you may ask, "You will be there, Fear? but not?"

"Do not worry my Friend. I will be there. Go, and see! Find out! Give it a shot!"

So you
walk through
into the Light
at the Center of Who it Is You Are

And time stands still.

You hear no clocks.

But you do hear beating: a-chug, a-chug, the sound of your own Heart.

You have found the place of safety, the place you've always been
where all feelings are beauty
and all thoughts are but a whim
which are not Love

You have been engulfed by what you once thought was up above:
Heaven has found you on Earth
or rather you it...
anyhow you can decide which!

All that matters is,
You're here now

Stand up!
Stand tall!

Take a bow!

And be proud to be
in the SpotLight
where you belong.

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