Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No. 362: I. Am Not. A Singer.

Am not
A Singer.

In as much
As my being
"A Singer"
Takes away
The inherent
Of Y/Our
Of Voice.

So then

What Am I

If Not

A Singer?

I Am a Teller of Stories
A Feeler of Feelings
A Believer of Thoughts
A Transcender of Conditionings

I Am
A Holder of Hands
A Mover of Feet
A HeartBeat
A Breath
A Life
A Death.

I Am All These Things
Just As Are You.

And When You Hear Y/OurSelf Singing
In the Midst of This Universal Being...

MayBe Then
We Can Hear
The Truth of Our Unity:

There Cannot Be One
Without The Other

I Cannot
Will Not

Without Knowing
To the Core of US
The Be-YOUty


THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is From the Heart Singing.

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