Saturday, July 5, 2014

No. 330: Are we thinking like Voice...?

I am watching the German film Hannah Arendt:
the story of the famous philosopher
and her coverage of the Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.
At a turning point in the story Hannah writes:

"Das Böse wird gemeinhin als etwas Dämonisches betrachtet,
Eichmann aber kann man beim besten Willen
keine teuflisch-dämonische Tiefe abgewinnen,
er war nur unfähig zu denken."

"Evil is commonly regarded as something demonic, 
but in the case of Eichmann
one could find no such trace of satanic 'greatness',
he was only incapable of thinking."
(my emphasis)

Another title for this post could be:

Awareness of the Great Voice Holocaust.

For with the deepest respect
for my friends, for myself, and for all of humanity
with our ties to all holocausts past and present
which steal Our Earthly Bodies

there is another
certainly related
yet far more deeply hidden
international concentration camp of the soul
which steals Voices.

It is disingenuous, surreptitious.
It creeps up on us in the dark:
It whispers "Go into hiding..."
it yells "SHUT UP"
says "don't even start..."

It draws us into an alternate reality
of definitions
pointing fingers
and stares

An unchallenged reality which sneaks into collective thought
telling us some are worth more than others
and mine...?
It must not
be worthy of Life, be worthy of BE-ing.

where Voices are silenced in the soul
so also They Are 
in the body.


And so, even in the Land of the Free
I stand, a Mother Bear, on the top of the nearest mountain and scream

Every Moment let me BE like Voice!
Let me think like Voice!
Let me LOVE like Voice!

EVEN, and ESPECIALLY, for those who have been silenced.

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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