Saturday, January 18, 2014

No. 282: An Invitation

Dear Opera Organicallies (yes, that's YOU!)

In honor of this MLK weekend, I propose the following:

The Number One Foundation in O.O. is that when ONE Voice is strengthened, All Our Voices are strengthened. 

Singing organically is not just about a pretty sound; it's a way of life. We are living to strengthen hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Therefore I invite us to use this O.O. Page to celebrate OUR Steps of Strength.

What I do is made easier by what you do...and vice versa. WE define what's possible, together!

Every step you take, like: TODAY I RAN 2 MILES AND JUMPED ROPE FOR 20 mins (yes!) or it HERE.   
You will be celebrated and help someone else open their own doors to becoming all they are.

REMEMBER: Voice work-outs at my studio Monday-Friday 6:45-7:15. Come in person or virtually!

Organically Yours,


Happy Weekend!

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