Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No. 237: Enemy Images

The best way 
to control a voice
(with a small "v")
is to tell it 
it's not any good.

To tell it 
it's not "safe"

That it will hurt

Voice with a capital "V"
lives far beyond these games.

Voice with a capital "V"
is no one's enemy
except for untruth.

Voice with a capital "V"
blesses Us
beyond imagination.

But for this to happen
We must
let go 
of the enemy images
of Voice
our culture feeds us.

We must live
and as
True Voice.

The "How" is My Quest, My Breath, My Heartbeat.

With the Absolute Courage of Voice,
It is Yours, too. 

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically.

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