Friday, December 14, 2012

No. 208: In response to recent shootings

...How can singing Chang the World?  Imagine: a gunwo/man, SEEN and HEARD as a child--ALLOWED to SING with all her HeART, to pour out all the grief and pain and sorrow and anger and frustration and hate into MUSE-IC, rather than turn it into herself.  WHAT WILL THIS TAKE?  It will take a society courageous enough to LET GO of snap judgements, of easy definitions of what's "right" and "wrong", "good" and "bad".  It will take artists willing to STAND UP as leaders to PROCLAIM the FREEDOM which music and art bring us in life.  It will take humanity ac-KNOWLEDGE-ing that Life's Blood pours through us in multiple ways, and that to deny a child certain means of expression can be downright dangerous.  We can listen to children NOW, TODAY--the children who are still children in body, and the children in each of us--and ask: What might this soul have to sing...?  And in honoring each song, whatever form it takes, we CAN create a more peaceful world.  

THIS is Life.  THIS is Love.  THIS is Opera Organically!

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