Sunday, June 24, 2012

No.194: What is Opera Organically? It Is All-inclusive

When we consider singing
not as an act which we "can" or "cannot" do
but rather as some Thing, (Voice), which we ARE,
an immense wave of power sweeps us up
and out of any ideas of vocal limitation which may stifle the beauty and truth
of Life-resonating "US".

When Love is present,
where respect and honor are placed paramount,
no One need say they have no Voice...
for as a community, as a culture,
as a family which embraces All Who Are willing to feel the possibility of the seemingly impossible,
songs are not only always present...they carry our thoughts,
our needs, our desires, all our emotions,
our pasts, our presents, and futures,
in a womb of such forgiveness,
of such wild Love and Light and Freedom,
that We would never, EVER dream
of keep such a Thing again silent.

THIS is Opera Organically.


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